Telecoms and Hi Tech
Planning, market studies, business studies, technology studies, Business Plans, Implementation, Execution, Monitoring . . . licences, certifications, homologations, full company set ups, . . .  build vs buy, import vs local, reps vs subsidiaries . . . everything from A to Z.

Are you a UK or European company needing a good, reliable, honest partner in Brazil? Or do you want to set up a subsidiary or new company in Brazil?

Or are you a Brazilian Company needing a technology partner in the UK, Europe or the US? Or do you need help in setting up a company the right way?

What form should the partnership take? There are many options, all with their own  advantages and desadvantages!

Legislation and Regulatory Issues
These have been the downfall of many foreign companies trying to enter the Brazilian Market. Coupled with the burocracy and personnel of government institutions, these are almost always a critical path to doing business in Brazil.  And it doesn´t matter whether you in in telecoms, engineerings, architecture, real estate or health induistries! Things take longer than you are accustomed to, cost more and very rarely go as planned.

Having someone who knows the ropes, has lived these experiences over and over, and can help you through the maze is ESSENTIAL!

How do we work?
If at all possible, we try to work on a profit sharing basis - a risk contract that means you only pay us if we earn our payment!

We wil charge for initial expenses, but our earnings will come from your earnings! Or your savings!

Let us know what you need and we will help you to reach your objective in the shortest possible time with the lowest possible expense.

Ask for a proposal!