About us . . .

NeoSat  - our history.
NeoSat Telecoms was established in Rio de Janeiro in 2005 and was instrumental in the planning and implementation of a large satellite network in Brazil, and afterwards with the operation and maintenance of the network.
Over the past twelve years, NeoSat has operated in Brazil in a consultancy capacity, not only for satellite networks, but also for other telecoms projects, including WiFi Networks, Connectivity in Movement (Transportation Wi/Fi), VoIP Network Implementation and Operation, Fibre Optic Networks, etc., etc..  

NeoSat Consulting was incorporated in London in 2015 bringing to the UK a host of experience in both Brazil and the USA, in high tech companies.  

Since our inception in the UK, we have also taken on other activities - mostly related to Brazil. These include special projects not involved with telecoms or TI including market surveys for low-tech industries, gold, semi-precious and precious stones as well as the mining industry.

Being registered in Brazil and in the United Kingdom, we provide a strong physical presence in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, the United Kingdom and continental Europe. We also have strong ties to the USA. 
Through our central communication platform we have also gone a step further by maximizing the virtual platform of the internet, permitting instantaneous global presence.  

Due to our knowledge of Brazil, its culture and customs and how things are done, we can save you valuable time and money when you wish to enter the Brazilian Market.

We have worked on many projects there, in telecoms (Satellite, WiFi, Telephony, Fibre Optic Networks, etc.) as well as other industries.

We can carry out:
  • Market Studies, Marketing and Business Plans 
  • Technical and Economic Studies - Make vs Buy, Import vs Make, Subsidiary vs Local Rep, etc. 
  • Investigation of Potential Reps and Distributors 
  • Techology Transfer 
  • Equipment Certifications and Homologations with Relevant Government Departments 
  • Registrations with Enterprise and Government Entities 
  • Patents, Logo and Brand Registration with INPI 
  • Local Installation, Operation and Maintenance Services

London is one of the main centres of the world today in terms of technology, finance and banking, sports, architecture, gastronomy and many other industries and activities.

Our ties to Brazil and the USA, developed over the past 50 years or so, qualify us to offer our services in many places - our fluency in both Portuguese and English and working knowledge of Spanish, French and Italian - our business acumen - our technology background . . . we go wherever we are needed!